To wrestle with the obfuscation of reality is to challenge what is seen but unknown, to penetrate the highly visible but not understood, and to reveal the hidden and restricted. The paradox that things can become so indecipherable when seen up close, is to me a bewildering and and enchanting irony which in many ways mirrors the experience of navigating real life. In my research I try to intentionally steer towards the boundaries of any given context in order to be able to identify social, physical, cultural, visual and sonic the components. My goal will most often be to sensorially shift, replace, transform or in other ways reimagine the grounds from which we interpret a certain portion of the world, qua act within it. In order not to cause chaos or revolt, but rather to perform an adroit shift to a given spectacle – translating it into a new light and in turn giving it new meaning for the interpreter.

My professional experience is rooted in research-based strategic design as well as branding with a focus on visual identity and motion. I work within a wide range of media and technologies; film, extended reality, publications, installations, sound, web, creative code, sculpture and AI, often with an elevated focus on typography and animation.

I’m currently doing my MFA at Yale School of Art. Feel free to reach out regarding freelance work, collaborations or request portfolio.

New York / Copenhagen
mail: osvaldlandmark[at]gmail[dot]com
instagram: @osvaldlandmark

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2022–23 Yale School of Art, Teaching Assistant
2022 Yale CCAM Studio Fellow
2018–21 Urgent.Agency, Graphic Designer
2017–18 Lindhardt og Ringhof publicing 
2016–17 Recreate: Student design union, Chairman of the board
2015–16 The Scandinavian Design College, PR and Marketing responsible

2021–23 Yale School of Art MFA, Graphic Design
2021 Vienna University of Applied Arts MA
2020 Royal Danish Academy MA
2019 School of Visual Arts New York, summer residency
2016–19 Danish School of Media and Journalism BA, Visual Communication
2014 The Scandinavian Design College, Graphic design
2012–13 RTS Technical school, Web integrator

3 Years of Summer
Between Isolation
Blanket Statement
Соловейко (Nightingale)
⒠ Latent Manifestations (BETA)

Bonsai Reality
Invisible Workers
Occluded Eye
⒟ Re-animate Vienna
⒠ Swine
 The Messy History of Climate Discourse
Worlds Within Worlds