Ukurant is a curated exhibition platform showcasing experimental design by young emerging designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and students.

Prior to launching their platform, the founding team approached me to collaborate on the branding and visual profile of Ukurant and its anual exhibitions. I designed the visual identity on and collaborated on how to position themselves and communicate with their peers. Their first anual exhibition “Ukurant Objects” was part of 3 Days of Design 2020 and made with collaborators Peter Vinther (photography) and Emil Qvist (exhibition design).

Ukurant is a community and platform that not only provides momentary exposure, but aims to positively contribute to young designers future work by establishing a network and community where experiences and competences can be shared across disciplines.


Visual identity, publication and branding of  creative community and exhibition platform, 2020.

All images in courtesy of Peter William Vinther, Exhibition design by Emil Qvist. Ukurant founders: Lærke Ryom, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster and Josefine Krabbe Munck. For list of artists visit

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