Do you think the climate crisis is your fault? It is not, well not entirely at least. Agents are fighting in a war for public discourse using an artillery of money, information and power to influence what you think. Did you for example know that the idea of a ‘carbon footprint’ was invented by the giant oil company BP in a clever attempt at assigning blame to the individual instead of the systems?  Companies and governments have through the last 50 years allowed the climate crisis to continue to this day.

This project is a joint collaboration with designers Frederik Plesner and Frederik Wendt cloud based software to simultaneously design and edit the poster, letting it evolve naturally in a non-linear narrative using anthropomorphic mascots to represent three different categories of energy sources.

The mega “where-is-waldo-core”poster that you will find on this page, is an attempt at mapping the messy history of climate discourse. To unveil some of the lesser known information regarding one of the most important topics of this century. Don't worry! It’s a big piece of information, take your time, enjoy it and don't read all of it in one sitting. In this non-linear narrative you will encounter personifications of Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power trying to get you to see their point of view, what they are good at, how they contribute to the world and why they are the best energy source.

The Messy History of Climate Change

Infotainment poster on climate change

Made in collaboration with Frederik Plesner and Frederik Wendt at the Royal Danish Academy.

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