Things look and operate in certain ways and we can easily overlook that other explanations, interpretations or experiences of the same phenomena exist simultaneously with our own. One's own sense of reality often carries the potential of tunnel vision and once you think you’re closing in on what is real, you’re only further isolating what you believe to be the truth from everything else. My counter thesis to conventional truth-seeking is to look outside what is real, at the unreal or the unfathomable. Filtering out reality has the potential to become an antidote to various types of blindness to the world. Sieving implies removal, but it is also entails revealing, investigating or analyzing – like looking under a rock that you’ve never before lifted. One world becomes two new worlds. And upon return what before seemed real may now appear alien and stripped of the meaning it used to have, but with previously unseen prospects of significance or understanding. Filtering out reality should perhaps be understood more as filtering in reality, since what passes through a sieve is a condensed selection of the original input.

Shape Sifting

Thesis project, Publication, Animations

Animations were shown at Times Square in april 2023

All rights reserved ©2023 Osvald Landmark

All rights reserved ©2024 Osvald Landmark