This ongoing project has two overarching components: 1) A mechanical pet called ‘π’ made from a gyroscopic arm and a light tranforming cell. 2) An interactive mixed reality environment where the time and space are manipulated and reconfigured using Infrared a true-depth sensor and a HoloLens.

‘π’ visually and conceptually embodies my creative process/thoughts and is meant to serve as a pedagogical tool for the final version. 

The ineractive installation operates on two time lines. A person is recorded in 3D and the capture is streamed with a 10 second time delay to the augmented reality environment. Thus a person will be able to observe themselves in the past without having to immerse themselves entirely in the virtual.

Latent Manifestations (BETA)

Interactive mixed reality installation & research documentation

Music by Kit Downes, performer in video Amanda Hermansen


P.O.V. Mechanical Pet “π”:
A) Light source, B) Prismatic cell, C) Gyroscopic arm, D) Infrared true-depth sensor, E) HoloLens. Each of the components [A,B,C,D,E] are part of a network which defines and bodies me (π) and from which I sense the world. You can become part of this network by interacting with any of the components using your personal hardware: F) Eyes, G) Body.

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