Isolation is most often invisible, It can be hard to tell where one part ends and the next begins. Much like being lost – first one must accept that they are lost, only then can one reposition to understand and navigate the world with new perspectives and ideas.

I worked with performer Kellie Lynch to interpret the sensation of finding oneself in isolation and the ensuing struggle to regain one’s orientation by moving through time and space. To capture the moving body I worked with a motion capture studio system and true depth infrared sensors.

The story pays homage to Plato’s Cave Allegory and the struggle to question ones own point of view. In a time where division manifest and where we are still transcending out of the Covid isolation, it is more important than ever to question our perceptions of reality and to enable ourselves to engage with each other.

Between Isolation

Film, Performance, Extended Reality

Made in collaboration with performer Kellie Lynch and musician Cody Boyce and screened at the opening ceremony of Yale Schwarzman Center.

Special thanks to Kenyon Adams, Asher Young, Angeline Wang and Alvin Ashiatey for feedback and facilitation.

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